Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Moving Violation?

Last night driving home after making a late night grocery run, something very strange happened to me. Those who know me know that one of the “sins” I struggle with is exceeding the speed limit. Even so, I’ve only received one speeding ticket in my life and I took defensive driving to remove it from my record. As I exited the interstate and began to drive down the dark winding road to my home, I noticed a sheriff’s truck pull in behind me. I suppose he saw my red Mustang and thought he’d do his part to boost the economy of Logan County, Oklahoma.

Another consideration going through my mind was that just last week my mother-in-law hit a deer on this very same road. The posted speed limit is 45 mph, until you get to the “S-curve” at which time the speed limit drops to 20 mph. During daylight hours, I never observe that sign. But on this particular night with a Sheriff’s truck tailgating me, I dutifully drove 20 mph around the curve. I should also mention that I was doing about 35 mph in the 45 zone previous to the curve. In my thinking, only an idiot would exceed the speed limit under these conditions, and prudence would dictate caution even if I weren’t being followed by my friendly neighborhood law enforcement officer. As I turned off this road onto my home street, he turned his lights on and pulled up behind me. It seems as though driving slow is an indication of drunk driving. I think it may also be an indication of obeying an unreasonable speed zone erected by your county.

I sat there in my car while he ran my license check, hoping that he would write me up for this. Alcohol has not entered my mouth in over five years when I gave it up in order to work for LifeWay. Previous to that, I did not overindulge. To this day, I’m a bit uncertain on whether it is proper for Christians to partake in moderation. But if there is any doubt, I’d rather err on the side of caution. So, I have followed the example set by such Christian missionaries as John G. Paton and opted for temperance.

If I had received a ticket for “driving slow” when I was doing 35 in a 45, and then driving 20 in a 20, I would have had a fun day in court.

Anyway, I decided to blog about this, because it may be the last time I’m ever pulled over for going too slow. {grin}

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