Wednesday, January 05, 2022

2021 Year in Review

The biggest news on a personal basis for 2021 was that I actually came down with COVID. It was bad enough to land me in the hospital for five days. Thankfully, I appear to be fully recovered. And yet, my cynicism on the outlook of this whole thing is that the government doesn’t want a perfectly good “crisis” to go to waste. The lines of demarcation are being clearly drawn, dividing true conservatives and true liberals, regarding of what’s on their bumper stickers or t-shirts. The liberal party line is “Be vaccinated with every vaccine and booster that Biden, Fauci, and their cronies recommend (mandate???). Wear a useless mask as a sign of your subjugation everywhere you go. Shame those who don’t agree with you.” I have seen that attitude, or at least parts of that attitude in the most unexpected personalities of those close to me this year. It seems that I may have caught a glimpse of what our ancestors may have faced in the War of Northern Aggression when cousins (or even brothers) of a same family found themselves on different sides of the conflict. I hope this division doesn’t devolve into taking up arms. But it seems there are way too many who are willing to give up freedom for a supposed “security,” when that security is fleeting at best.

 For some reason the previous paragraph reminded me to mention that I got to go see a Dallas Cowboy football game with my dad this year. I haven’t seen the Cowboys in person since I was a kid. And I really haven’t watched them on TV much at all since then. So, it was a lot of fun, though I didn’t recognize any of the names. In my mind, it should be Roger Staubach as quarterback throwing “hail mary” passes to Drew Pearson or handing off to Tony Dorsett. All the while the watchful coaching eye of Tom Landry wearing his signature derby hat on the sidelines would peer over the field while he forms his strategy. When it was time for defense,  Randy White was the linebacker, while Ed “Too Tall” Jones would block passes from the other team’s quarterback. But those days are long gone. I can’t even remember the names of the current team, except their number 5, “Anger.” And that is just because I was amused at his name. When my dad and I left the stadium in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys were beating the team “formerly known as Redskins” (part of the horrendous cancel culture of 2021) 56 to 7.

As I type this blog post (the few days late that it is), it has been almost two years since I began teleworking from home full time. I love this arrangement and hope I never have to return to the office. My job satisfaction has skyrocketed. I love the company I work for, and the people I work with, because we still see each other on the screen each day.

Signing off for now. Most likely, this will be the last post of the year for me. I don’t seem to be keeping up with the blog very regularly at all.