Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anti-Racist (with exceptions...)

Let's say, hypothetically of course, there was a candidate who proclaimed loudly that he was not a racist. However, when you press him on it, he will admit that there are "exceptions" to his love for all men. After all, you can't really expect him to be totally non-racist, can you? Now, for the sake of argument, let's say he was running against a candidate who hated every single people group except his own. Who should we vote for? Well, pragmatism may say that we vote for the first candidate. But what if the one people group that he hates just so happens to be the people group of which you are a member? Could you still vote for him? If you say no, then tell me this: If your race is not the one despised in his eyes, could you vote for him then? I tell you that if that is true, then you have just as much hatred for that people group as the candidate who tries to pass himself off as "anti-racist."

Now, if that makes sense with a "politically correct" argument concerning race, does it not also apply to abortion? If you have one candidate who is pro-death all the way around and never saw an abortion he didn't like (Obama), and another candidate who announces that he is pro-life (except for despised babies who are the products of rape or incest - Romney), who do you vote for? I say that if you vote for Romney, you are declaring that you too despise the lives of those "unwanted" babies.

As much as I would like to cast my vote for a God fearing, pro-life candidate for President of the United States, I can't, because no such candidate exists this year (on the Oklahoma ballot anyway - vote Virgil Goode if your state lets you).