Monday, November 20, 2006

A Journey Home

Franklin Springs Family Media ( has produced an excellent video showing a family dedicated to the glory of God and the “re-integration” of their family. They start out as a typical American family with the father employed by a large corporation. Yet, by the end of the movie, they have eleven children, and they are missionaries in Israel. Along the way they spend several years on a farm in Leipers Fork, TN where they are self sufficient. They establish a rapport in the community and sell these produce to their neighbors. While this life would certainly be quite a change from what I’m used to, I look at videos like this and dream. There would be tremendous challenges, but I believe there would also be tremendous blessings. The simple fact of being able to spend every waking hour with my children is enough to inspire me to dream of one day doing something similar.

For hundreds and thousands of years our ancestors lived off the land and supported their large families. Then suddenly in the 20th and 21st centuries we all believe that everyone has to have a college degree, a professional job, and no more than three children. Everyone needs at least two cars, four TVs, a boat, a vacation home, etc., etc., etc.

I long for the simpler life where families get up before sunrise, have a family worship time, eat breakfast, work the land, break for midday dinner together, work the land again until sundown, eat supper, conclude the day with family worship once more, and go to bed early, ready to do it all again the next day. Each of these days would see the children getting their studies in while they alternate helping dad in the field, or helping mom watch the babies in the house. The pattern breaks every Lord’s Day, when they meet together with the rest of the congregation of their church for the corporation worship of the Lord. Of course, the chores will vary. Sometimes neighbors will join for supper and evening worship. But by and large, this pattern would continue day by day, year by year, decade by decade until very strong ties are formed with children and parents.

May it please the Lord to move us in this direction in His timing…if not in my generation, then in that of my children.


Anonymous said...

How can I obtain the video? I am interested in knowing more about this fine community of Franklin Springs. Believe is the way the Lord wants all of us to live for the benefit of our soul and His glory.


Mike Southerland said...


Here is the link: