Friday, October 27, 2006

Flash Cards 1.0

Today's post is a contribution from a homeschool father (me) to my children and any of your children who would like to use this program. I have coded a simple Flash Card program that runs on the internet. I know that some of my children could use the practice in doing flash cards, and this program will help them to learn the problems quickly. Currently, this program only does addition. It also only does numbers from 1 to 12. The problems are generated randomly. So, you can have problems as simple as 0 + 0 and as complicated as 12+12 with all combinations in the middle. There is a five second time period to answer the problem. To answer, you may either type it in the box and let the time expire, or hit the submit button.

Some planned future enhancements are:
1) Allow the student to hit "enter" which will do the same as submit
2) Add sound...probably a voice saying "Right!" and "Wrong!"
3) Add subtraction, multiplication, and division
4) Make sure problems don't repeat.
5) Add problems missed to the end of the list to repeat intentionally.
6) Beautifying the layout a bit.
7) Vary the number of problems in the test. It is currently set to 25.

If you have suggestions or bug reports, please leave a comment on this blog entry. This was coded in javascript and has only been tested in Internet Explorer 6.0. I tested under Firefox, and unfortunately, it's not working with that browser yet. So, I've got a bit to learn, but this is a start. I also discovered a bug in that if you finish a test, you can't simply restart. You must do a refresh on the page. I'll work to get that fixed too.

The link for the program is:


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Mike Southerland said...

OK, the restart now works. Still no progress with the Firefox browser. If anybody reading this is a web programmer, I'd appreciate any tips. I'm not having a lot of time to devote to this.