Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Unbelief Worse Than Sodomy

For the past seven weeks each Lord's Day I am reading a sermon from James Durham (1622-1658) concerning Isaiah 53 to my family.  This is from sermon 7 of Christ Crucified:  The Marrow of the Gospel in 72 Sermons on Isaiah 53.  Speaking on the dangers of unbelief, Mr. Durham declares:

"It thwarts with both the law and the gospel.  It thwarts with the commands of the first table, and so is a greater sin than murder or adultery, nay than sodomy, though these are great, vile and abominable sins.  Which may be thought strange,yet it is true.  It makes the person guilty of it more vile before God, than a pagan Sodomite; the nature of the sin being more heinous, as being against the first table of the law, in both the first and second commands thereof; it being by faith in God, that we make God our God, and worship God in Christ acceptably. Next, it is not only a sin against the law, but a sin against the gospel, and the prime flower (to speak so) of the gospel."

Friend, repent of your wicked sin of unbelief.  Turn your eyes toward Christ and throw yourself on His mercy.

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