Sunday, September 26, 2010


When considering the following quote by William Law in regard to the Play House, it takes absolutely no imagination to apply this to the modern motion picture theatre.  Christians, the movie house is no place for God's people!  This quote is from his book entitled, "The Absolute Unlawfulness of the Stage Entertainment," available for free at:

"So that one may with the same assurance affirm, that the Play-House, not only when some very profane play is on the stage, but in its daily common Entertainments, is as certainly the House of the Devil, as the Church is the House of God.  For though the Devil be not professedly worshipped by Hymns directed to him, yet most that is there sung is to his service; he is there obeyed and pleased in as certain a manner, as God is worshipped and honoured in the Church." - William Law, The Absolute Unlawfulness of the Stage-Entertainment, 1726

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