Friday, January 15, 2010

Oklahoma Legislative Alert

Many of my readers are homeschoolers in Oklahoma. If this includes you, please read the following legislative alert I received from OCHEC.


Legislative Alert SB1403

Author Sen. Mary Easley

January 15, 2010

Senator Mary Easley, has pre-filed a bill for the 2010 session that would include the following language into law: "The parent or guardian of a child utilizing other means of education shall provide written notification to the public school district of residence of intent to utilize other means of education prior to the first day of each school year, or within ten (10) days of the beginning of the provision of such other means of education to the student."

OCHEC opposes this bill because, regardless of it's intent, it accomplishes nothing. It is unnecessary and is wasteful of both the parent's and state's time and resources.

Notification will not improve home educated students academically. Studies have consistently shown that there is no correlation between the amount of state regulation of home education and academic success.

Notification will not prevent parents from fraudulently claiming to be home educating their child. Oklahoma's laws regarding truancy and educational neglect have been reviewed and found to be adequate, when enforced. If there are parents willing to incur charges of truancy, they would certainly be willing to file a fraudulent notification. Scofflaws will continue to scoff at laws.

Please contact Senator Easley by telephone, email and/or mail and express your opposition to this bill. This would also be an excellent opportunity to contact your senator and ask that this bill be opposed. Contact information may be found at: .

Once the bill has been assigned to a committee, OCHEC will request that you contact the members of the committee and ask that the bill not be heard.

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