Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Preaching Christ - Week After Week After Week

Click here to link to a podcast that I really enjoy. The speaker is Chris Rosebrough and the program is called "Fighting for the Faith." In this episode what I really want to point out is the sermon review. Chris reviews a Charles Spurgeon sermon. It is his first sermon in the Tabernacle. I have had discussion with friends lately concerning whether the Gospel should be included in every message. Spurgeon certainly thought so. "Jesus Christ and Him crucified" never grows old as a topic. Preaching Christ throughout the entire scripture, whether Old or New Testament, is essential for solid Christian preaching. If you listen to the podcast, the sermon review is the last thing he does, and it takes up a good portion of the second half of the program. Chris is a confessional Lutheran. As a Reformed Baptist I don't always agree with everything he says, but I can say that in most cases we agree. As exampled by his reviewing a Spurgeon sermon, he views Reformed Baptists in the same way.

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