Friday, August 14, 2009

Marriage - The Story of the Gospel

Just a quick update as we retire for the evening. My wife and I are currently in Wake Forest, NC where we have just completed the first night of a marriage conference hosted by Scott Brown at his home.

Dan Horn spoke tonight on the picture of marriage as being a picture of the Gospel. What a powerful message! The Lord has really put it on my heart lately of the importance of the Gospel in every message preached from the pulpit, and the primacy of it in every facet of our lives.

Does our marriage, does your marriage show the world a picture of the Gospel? Or is it skewed? The reason sodomite "marriage" is such an abomination is that it blasphemes Christ and His Church. There are not two Christs or two Churches. Yet that is what sodomy tries to declare.

I'll go into more details later next week, Lord willing. But for now I want to say that the messages are powerful and I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend with my bride.

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