Thursday, June 25, 2009


I've found oftentimes that when God is teaching me something it tends to come at me from many different angles in my life. Within the past few weeks I've been encouraged to preach the Gospel not only to unbelievers, but also to believers. This encouragement has come from two good friends, one or two "bigger name" pastors (Mark Chandler being one of them), books that I've been reading from men of old (like Richard Baxter and Charles Spurgeon), and also from a pastor whom I sat under for about 6 months before we moved away from Nashville, Pastor Stephen Gambill at Reformed Baptist of Nashville. Mind you that I did not ask Stephen about this, but rather noticed that he "just so happened" to be preaching on the same topic. I follow his blog and listen to many of his sermons.

Here is Pastor Stephen's latest message on this very subject given in the Sunday School portion of their service on June 14 of this year. For those friends of mine who may be reading this blog, please listen to this message. He nails down just what I'm talking about. Preaching the Gospel is much more than simply winning souls into the Kingdom through the message of the cross. Though it includes that, it is much deeper than that as well.



Kelly said...

That was very good thank you. Your post really caught me attention when you mentioned that when God is teaching you something the lesson tends to appear in several places. I find that to be true. But going further the same message as you posted here has been surfacing for me too. Most recently I picked it up on Kevin Swanson's June 23rd blog post.

Thanks so much,

Mike Southerland said...

Thank you "misses." It's great to see young women embracing this vision. I clicked over to your blog, and it looks like you'd have a lot in common with my daughter, Brittney. Brittney is 15 and has really taken up sewing. Maybe you know her? She frequents Mrs. Chancey's "Sense and Sensibility" website. God's blessings to you, and thank you for your comment.