Thursday, August 07, 2008

God, Give Us Men for Sons

This weekend my two oldest sons and I are heading out to Colorado to participate in Vision Forum’s Father Son Conference.

Earlier this year I took my oldest daughters to the Father Daughter Conference. We had a great time and our relationships were strengthened. I pray the same will be the case for this conference as well.

Our culture is overflowing with immature boys who are encouraged in their immature foolish behaviour by media and peer groups. Vision Forum is a wonderful exception to this rule. They understand that a boy is distinctly different from a girl. There needs to be physical activity and times for boys to be loud. Yet there are also times of seriousness. As parents we are raising men and women for the glory of God. They start out as boys and girls, but maturity is our goal.

My prayer for us for this conference is that God would really strengthen the relationships I have with my sons. I pray that He would bring a new level of maturity to my oldest son as he approaches his 13th birthday this year. Boys are great, but I really desire to have men for sons. I want to raise godly men who can intelligently carry on a conversation regarding doctrine, politics, and family issues. I want men who desire to lead a family. I want men with whom I can work alongside once I break free from the chains of corporate America. I want godly, Christian men for sons that I can have serious conversation with on the scriptures. I want men who will read their Bibles and other works by godly authors and challenge me in my own life as I lead my own family with the help of God to the best of my ability.

God, give us men for sons. Let the world keep their immature, effeminate fools. I desire men of God to train for His service.

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