Friday, June 01, 2007

The Hand of God: Our National Treasure

O’er spans of time and plans of God,
Do American progeny expound,
The wondrous works that He has wrought
At the humble site of Jamestown.

In celebration of two hundred years,
Eighteen – ought seven,
Marked the beginning of our cheers,
For God’s blessings thus given.

Then after fifty years had passed,
Virginia stopped to remember,
The hand of God in her past,
And great hope for her future.

Shortly after the turn of century twenty,
America still acknowledged the God of Heaven,
Thanked Him for His blessings of plenty,
And prayed aloud in nineteen ‘o seven.

Though society changed, with technology was driven,
Christian rulers still, with grateful hearts,
In nineteen fifty seven,
In official celebration, praised God for all He imparts.

And here we arrive in two-thousand seven.
Four hundred years have since passed,
Since this country’s first Christians,
Graced the shores of this land so blessed.

Strike up the band! Blow the horns!
Come celebrate this year!
Yet governmental response forlorn,
For God they no longer fear.

For instead of praises to our God,
And honor to our Christian parents,
Political correctness now is shod,
Upon the souls of tyrants.

Yet God has purposed for Himself a remnant,
Silence: We’ll have no such thing!
Christ’s Bride the Church Triumphant!
Declare the Mercies of our King!

We teach our children of God’s plan,
And how it came to be,
That on the shores of Jamestown’s land,
Came forth Christianity.

The names upon our lips we articulate,
Include those mighty saints of old,
Captain Smith, Pocahontas, Richard Hakluyt.
Men and women, Christian stories told.

So Celebrate, across this land
Proclaim His mighty deeds!
History shows His Providential Hand,
National treasure thus received.


The President said...

That is an excellent poem! It truly encompasses what Jamestown is all about. Good work!

The President said...

Excellent poem! It encompasses what Jamestown is all about. Great Work!